Masah Accomplishes a Recognizable Progress in The Development of Shamal Al Riyadh Healthcare Center

Since the beginning of this year, Masah Specialized Construction commissioned one of the biggest projects in its history, “Shamal Al Riyadh Healthcare Center” as part of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group. This follows a serious of specialized construction projects in the healthcare sector such as hospitals and healthcare centers.
The estimated total area of this project is approximately 290,000 m2, that accommodates a hospital with over 400 beds, 290 external clinics in various specialties, in addition to green landscapes, and supporting facilities.
This project is located at Al Sahafa District, North of Riyadh. Elite engineers with substantial experience and capabilities in the field of health care projects are working on this masterpiece.
All projects accomplished by Masah are done through quality and safety management systems. This explains Masah’s compliance in its methods and procedures which is driven by its recent ISO Certification in Safety and Quality Management.
Engr. Mohammed Abdul Nayeem, Masah’s general manager, said regarding this matter,” Shamal Al Riyadh Healthcare Center is one of the results of our strategic partnership with Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group. Which led to the construction of 10 world-class hospitals with its entire supporting facilities which increases the capacity of hospitals in Saudi Arabia and elevates the quality of healthcare services provided to this great nation”
He also said,” We at Masah through our projects work on delivering environmentally friendly buildings, that are smart, safe, and easily accessible, and easy to use. We have a number of standards that we follow to make the client’s experience as smooth, safe, and efficient as possible. Especially with situations like this global pandemic, we are proud of what we accomplished in terms of constructing buildings with high quality isolations and a style of building that helps care givers to contain any challenge they face and stop the spreading of this pandemic. Starting with the safety systems, the ventilation systems, isolation, to the strength and high quality of the building structure itself which can stand high against harsh surrounding conditions.
Engr. Nayeem followed on the matter saying,” With the need that we identified today; to create health care centers in a fast and reliable manner, we combined our efforts in the face of this pandemic to complete a considerable part of the project in a short period of time and with Allah grace we were able to deliver and be ahead of the planned schedule.
Engr. Nayeem concluded his statement by saying that we are pleased that Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group relies on Masah Specialized Construction Co. in its construction and development projects which stand tall today as a fine example of quality, experience, dedication, and hard work.
It is worth mentioning that Masah was formed in 2007, and during this time Masah accomplished and executed a number of projects in the construction and development field, in various industries, and nationwide.