Turnkey Contractor

We did more than 25 different projects in 13 years with different scopes of work, the experiences that we gained on our journey make us today capable to do Giga Turnkey projects. starting with Site Preparation, Infrastructure, MEP work then the actual building with stunning exterior designs.

Specialized Construction

We built more than 10 Multispecialty Hospitals, and 4 towers within two years. Turnkey Building construction is considered as Masah’s core competency with various projects that represent landmarks in different industries such as:

Universities & Schools

Qualified Team

Average Key Personnel Experience: 25 years
We are thrilled to have a group of experts in our team, who have remarkable experience in several projects and diverse sectors.
With over 300 years of collective diverse experience. The company earned its place in the highly competitive contracting field in a short span of time. Along with continuous training and coaching on the latest technical design applicable methods which granted us a competitive edge in the industry. This allowed us to execute an extremely wide variety of projects.