MASAH Specialized Contracting Co.: Delivering Excellence in Red Sea Global Company Projects

MASAH Specialized Contracting Co. has established itself as a leading construction company, delivering exceptional results in various projects. In collaboration with The Red Sea Global Company, MASAH has successfully undertaken three significant projects, namely Red Sea Airport, Shura Island Hotel 1, and East Shura Island Hotel 2. These projects showcase MASAH’s dedication to excellence and their contribution to the development of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastline.


Red Sea Airport:
MASAH’s involvement in the Red Sea Airport project showcases its expertise in airport construction. The company has successfully completed the landslide substructure and superstructure, concrete package, and construction of the main terminal, ATT and utility buildings. By ensuring the highest standards of quality and precision, MASAH has contributed to the creation of a state-of-the-art airport that will serve as a gateway to the Red Sea region.


Shura Island Hotel 1:
MASAH’s involvement in the construction of Shura Island Hotel 1 demonstrates its capabilities in developing luxury tourism destinations. The company has undertaken the construction of the concrete structure works for this prestigious hotel project. Located in a coastal area between Umluj and Al Wajh, along the Red Sea, the hotel aims to provide a world-class experience to its guests. MASAH’s expertise and commitment to quality construction have contributed to the realization of this exceptional hospitality project.

Shura Island Hotel 2:
MASAH’s involvement in the construction of East Shura Island Hotel 2 highlights its expertise in delivering comprehensive construction solutions. The company has successfully managed the construction of the main hub, MEP compound, substation, and 56 clusters. With a built-up area of 65,500 square meters, this project aims to create a luxurious and captivating tourist destination on the Red Sea’s western coast. MASAH’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail have played a vital role in bringing this ambitious project to life.


MASAH Specialized Contracting Co. has proven its competence and excellence through its involvement in the Red Sea Global Company projects. With their expertise in construction and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions, These projects stand as testaments to the company’s commitment to contributing to the development of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastline and the creation of exceptional hospitality and tourism destinations